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Erin Jo Richey

Old ThinkUp and New ThinkUp - Some Screenshots

1 min read

Since new ThinkUp launched this evening, I thought it might be a good chance to grab some comparison shots from my older ThinkUp installs. I tend to (accidentally or intentionally) destroy databases overtime, and since the older versions are so out of date now, I'll probably clean them out of my hosting space soon.

ThinkUp Beta 0.8

This is my oldest install. It's more or less dead now. I moved the files from one host to another in the past year and didn't really try to salvage things. I'm not sure how old this is. 2010 or 2011 maybe?

ThinkUp Beta 0.8

Old ThinkUp - Version 1.0.6

This is my slightly newer old version of ThinkUp.

The main dashboard with Twitter

ThinkUp 1.0.6

The Google+ dashboard

Old ThinkUp Google+ Dashboard

The Facebook dashboard

Old ThinkUp Facebook Dashboard

The new ThinkUp

New ThinkUp

I grabbed some other screenshots for interior pages as well and saved them all on Flickr.