Things I think when I see people wearing AirPods:
1) Weird earrings
2) Weird Bluetooth headset
3) Sir, there's an alien eating your brain!

Interesting. Am I cynical to think that this has more to do with Context Graph / ads, less to do with saving stuff?

Impulse buys from Rainbow Grocery tonight. Theoretically, these are chocolate.

Glad I'm not in Los Angeles today during the storm. LA drivers have no chill when there's rain.

This is actually a pretty good song.

10 mins before the end of the day my (plugged in, fully charged) laptop crashed and now says it's stuck on 0% battery, so that's exciting.πŸ”‹

Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same, but 1/3 of Americans don't know that. πŸ˜•

Makes sense. I imagine in the future there will be tighter integrations w doorbells, home security, appliances, etc.

So AWS launched a Skype/WebEX/Hangouts competitor? I'm curious to hear how it works out for remote user interviews.

I saw the full moon tonight (for once, no fog), but I didn't realize we were getting an eclipse and a comet too. πŸŒ•πŸ’«

Result of the Indonesian cooking class tonight. White curry, deep fried eggs, long beans, etc.

In SF, it's pretty windy and rainy, but it's fun to look through the livestream portal and watch the snow falling at the Matter NY office.

If you're a fan of open access to art, the Met has released 375,000 images from its collection into public domain

I finally found watermelon radishes at the store. They were labeled beets. Some unsuspecting consumer is in for a surprise.

Values, vision, policy, implementation, results. If you're arguing in one area go back a level. You'll have more in common.

Spending the day at an unconference on the future of democracy.

TFW a seagull flies into the transformer outside your office and then drops dead at the door. 😦

β€œGood designs are meant for everybody” - 92-year-old IDEO fellow on designing for the aging population.

Does he have a secret rebreather?


The NYTimes made some infographics to compare Trump's cabinet to former presidents. Spoiler, it's mostly white/male.

Trying to get downtown for the but the train is so full it didn't even stop.

My friends at @TheCreativeAct launched a new campaign. 100 days of art, proceeds support artists & @thedreamcorps

So much thunder, lightening, and heavy rain means I'm wide awake at 4am. β›ˆπŸ’₯

Primatologists have analyzed every known species of primate and 60% are close to extinction, 75% are declining. πŸ’