Starbucks has sous vide egg bites now. Ignoring that I have no idea what an "egg bite" is, how soon before McD's has sous vide burgers?

Book reading buddies! 😺 (Actually she's just here because I turned the space heater on.)

Y'all elephants are doing the thing now. Bet you didn't see that coming. 🐘

Maybe it's just the microclimates that I move through, but the weather in SF today has felt worse than the storm this weekend.

Today's Quartz stock market haiku, taking a dig at Mars + Banfield

WSJ says this is a thing, so here we go. Jack in the Box taco taste test 🌮


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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

Also, I guess it's good that we visited Yosemite this past weekend because it sounds like the Merced River may flood and close the park.

Apparently a "monster storm" is headed for the Bay Area this weekend. What's more dangerous, rain or Californians who can't handle rain?

So data from an Amazon Echo and a smart home water meter are sought as evidence in a murder. This will be on Law & Order next month, right?

Foggy fingers come in this morning over El Portal and Foresta in Yosemite.

Good morning last day of 2016! ☕️❄️🌲

This gas station Santa bear was just waiting for a selfie.

Going to see the Lion King! 🎶

Landed at SFO and it's so sunny! 😎

Drone takeoff #todayin3

Christmas Eve Dinner #todayin3

♫ Stayin' Alive ~ Say Lou Lou ♪

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Uber's self-driving cars launched in SF today. They've already been caught running red lights.

Current status

The In the Dark podcast from APM is a good true crime binge listen for a rainy Saturday.

More evidence to suggest that dinosaurs were something like prehistoric fuzzy chickens.

Kind of jealous that I'm not in Portland enjoying a snow day. Here in SF I'm waiting for the rain to pause so I can dart out for a coffee.

So much for my thought that it might be easier to get Hamilton tickets in SF.

View from the wing, leaving SFO last Wednesday morning.