I'm looking forward to talking to students at @MinervaSchools today about personal websites, @withknown, Domain of One's Own, and .

As always, it's a pleasure talking to @dangillmor about and @withknown.

Just finished an awesome conversation on @withknown and the . Thanks everyone!

I made a little thing at today that shows when I woke up and when I fell asleep: http://erinjorichey.com/nightday/

The Stata building at MIT

Here for this weekend.

Overview of @withknown and the on @FIRpodcast at 0:27: http://erinjo.me/XpMjNb
// HT @kyle_wm

Nice article in Wired from @klintron on @withknown, open source, and . http://www.wired.com/2014/09/known/

New post this morning in @gigaom from @mathewi on @withknown and the http://erinjo.me/YA9fuD

Atlantic Media is making a social network called This. (complete w/ a period at the end). http://erinjo.me/XEeEAt https://this.cm/

Great blog post from @jimgroom on using @withknown in the classroom, , and . http://erinjo.me/1rdPeqj

A few bits from IndieWeb Camp this morning

Some of the demos this morning at IndieWeb Camp PDX.
Ward, Johannes, Kyle, Aaron, Paul, and Ben show off things that they're working on.

Showing off Known at IndieWebCamp

Checked into ESRI

Hey - @benwerd is in town today. If you want to chat more about @withknown or , ping us!

cc @benwerd RT @brennannovak: @erinjo definitely some interesting possibilities there. Perhaps the Social Messaging format @HerraBRE @aaronpk and I cooked up for archiving conversations in an email friendly format would work for data storage / transmission. Might be worth hashing out more in the "Follow" page on the wiki

+1000 RT @vrypan: @withknown is a publishing platform for everyone. It's part of the movement. Definitely worth giving a try.

Thanks for showing us Cimba! It was great to discuss and Known.

Last thought of the night courtesy of @identitywoman - We're not a science experiment any more.

Crowd funding for Indie Box personal data server is live https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indie-box-let-s-bring-our-data-home

@jkphl For what it's worth, I agree, and I hope you don't stop pursuing your own projects.

"Designing for freedom" - mentioning @brennannovak @aral and http://gigaom.com/2014/02/27/designing-for-freedom-meet-the-people-putting-user-experience-at-the-heart-of-online-privacy/

Checked into Farmhouse


Did anyone take notes / write up a summary of @aral talking about experience design?

Sorry to be missing @dConstruct and UK. Next year!