Karl the Fog is coming for the City.

Back in SF where it's rainy, but here's the sunset from last night near Little River

‪Today - on this first day of spring - I tried to grab a walk outside in between showers. And I failed terribly. ☔️‬

Guacamole crumpet is the new avocado toast 🥑 #innovate

🙋🏽🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏾🙋🏿🙋 Cheers to #InternationalWomensDay!

#Caturday morning in bed is real

Impulse buys from Rainbow Grocery tonight. Theoretically, these are chocolate.

Result of the Indonesian cooking class tonight. White curry, deep fried eggs, long beans, etc.

Spending the day at an unconference on the future of democracy.

Does he have a secret rebreather?


Book reading buddies! 😺 (Actually she's just here because I turned the space heater on.)

Today's Quartz stock market haiku, taking a dig at Mars + Banfield

WSJ says this is a thing, so here we go. Jack in the Box taco taste test 🌮

Foggy fingers come in this morning over El Portal and Foresta in Yosemite.

Good morning last day of 2016! ☕️❄️🌲

This gas station Santa bear was just waiting for a selfie.

Drone takeoff #todayin3

Christmas Eve Dinner #todayin3

Current status

View from the wing, leaving SFO last Wednesday morning.

Good weather for a walk along the Mall.

Adding to my metro card collection. #washingtondc


Current status: distress