Wut is this 😭😬

Wine tasting this afternoon in the Russian River Valley, with a side of venomous snakes.

Had brunch at a restaurant called Eugene, specializing in Pacific Northwest food

Great set of presentations at #matterdemoday. Congrats Matter 6!

I'm excited to see the pitches from Matter 6 at #matterdemoday this morning

#tbt Walking around Crater Lake a couple weeks ago.

For a moment this evening, the sky was on fire. #sfsunset #inmyhood

Not gonna lie, the timing of my walk from the grocery store to the bus stop wasn't great. 🌧

Spending the day circling Crater Lake.

Just what 'fine quality European chocolate with natural ingredients' needs, tortilla chips. And cornflakes.

Got my #GravityMatters comics in the mail today. Thanks @cloudwrangler!

Wandered over to the park this morning with my coffee to see KT Tunstall play at Hardly Strictly.

Um wut? 🙁

These are the books I picked up last Sunday at the Big Book Sale at Fort Mason. $1 each!

We had liquid nitrogen cereal for lunch today.

Goodbye weekend! It's been swell.

Ok emoji gods, why are there 2 guardsmen emoji now? One has a smaller face?

Sunny afternoon at the waterfront. #portland #xoxofest

I may have ordered too many tiny beers. #burnsidebrewery

My latest creation is cold brew coffee + pomegranate/orange San Pellegrino.

A little bit of fog creeping over San Francisco and heading for the East Bay.


Low tide at Humboldt Bay

I like to wear my butterfly crown to work. #productive

Mission accomplished @TimOlsonSF