Trying to pick up a few things at Whole Foods and these Zubats just won't leave me alone.

From the weekend: Heceta Head Lighthouse along the Oregon coast

I finally got the good filters on Snapchat! 🐶


In case you wondered what it looks like to bite inside a panko-crusted deep fried Snickers bar bathed in whipped cream, it is this.

Silicon Valley

Current status. 🤔 🇬🇧 #brexit

Back in foggy San Francisco after a weekend in the woods.

Hiked up beyond Eagle Lake yesterday into the Desolation wilderness and above the snow line.

Yay. Moving toward the weekend.

Just another Friday... 📅 🙀

Enjoyed the Oscar de la Renta retrospective at the de Young Museum

Kombucha and water kefir tasting

This hefty thing is my first batch of sauerkraut, ready to ferment for the week.

Robot vs Robot

Beautiful ocean views along the 17-mile drive around Pacific Grove.

Beautiful morning along the pier in Monterey

Thanks for the lilacs @bluebirdmom! They make my desk smell nice.

The screw fell out of my sunglasses so I fixed things w a stripped twisty tie. #MacGyver

Real life, old fashioned DVD case.

Tomorrow is the last day to apply to @MatterVC's 6th class.

Picked up a time timer from my neighbor's free stoop sale pile. #designthinking

Brunch! Asparagus salad and hot cross buns before the Italian frittata.

Sunny afternoon by the harbor

Sticker collection during the personal API design sprint #IndieEdTech

More prototype planning for personal APIs. #IndieEdTech #EdTech #designthinking