Kind of jealous that I'm not in Portland enjoying a snow day. Here in SF I'm waiting for the rain to pause so I can dart out for a coffee.

So much for my thought that it might be easier to get Hamilton tickets in SF.

Full from leftover mashed potatoes? Here is some archeological research into the birthplace of potato cultivation.

It's a busy morning at the airport, but I zipped through security with TSA Pre. The line for coffee was a different story.

The WSJ has put together a Facebook feed comparison, showing liberal and conservative news posts side by side.

Santa Clara gets flooded with carcinogenic foam from a SJC airport hanger. TGIF.

Flight from IAD to SFO is so empty they have to move several rows to fix the weight imbalance. I'm never on flights with empty seats.

Nothing says e-learning like an animated dancing wordcloud questionnark.

An experiment in low-cost education across California is increasing the number of community colleges with tuition-free options.

The is so big and bright, and I can see it for once because I'm in Virginia and not San Francisco.

Capping off the week by watching All the President's Men.

21 children are suing the federal government over climate change, arguing for their rights to liberty and property.

From @zchace, a thoughtful story on anti-immigrant sentiment in a MN community and the people who've felt ignored.

Pew election data show deep divisions in race, gender, and education around Trump win.

Semi ironic theme song for the afternoon

On this election eve, why not peruse the overviews @waitbutwhy has done on some of our former illustrious leaders?

One of my earbud sets only works in the left ear and the other set only works in the right ear. Clearly I need a phone with 2 audio jacks.

So much houseplant envy for this Malaysian home. 🌿

In which I learn that the British spell enroll "enrol" (and enrolment) but correctly use the double l for enrolling and enrolled. Whhhy....

Robot house cleaners, underwater croquet, and other views of the year 2000...from postcards made in 1899.

Recently both of my cats have decided to snub every brand of healthy natural wet cat food. What they beg for instead? Graham crackers. 😕

Turned on a show about earthquakes.
"In earthquake-prone California, San Francisco is known as the city waiting to die."
Next. 😨

So either my task list is also a causality of this morning's DDoS attacks, or it just really doesn't want me to be productive today. 😕

Still room for skepticism, but I'm actually more intrigued in experiments like AltSchool + others after listening

Me: Alexa, play some ambient electronica.
Alexa: OK, playing Miles Davis.
Me: 🤔