I'm looking forward to talking to students at @MinervaSchools today about personal websites, @withknown, Domain of One's Own, and .

As always, it's a pleasure talking to @dangillmor about and @withknown.

Just finished an awesome conversation on @withknown and the . Thanks everyone!

I made a little thing at today that shows when I woke up and when I fell asleep: http://erinjorichey.com/nightday/

Overview of @withknown and the on @FIRpodcast at 0:27: http://erinjo.me/XpMjNb
// HT @kyle_wm

Nice article in Wired from @klintron on @withknown, open source, and . http://www.wired.com/2014/09/known/

New post this morning in @gigaom from @mathewi on @withknown and the http://erinjo.me/YA9fuD

Atlantic Media is making a social network called This. (complete w/ a period at the end). http://erinjo.me/XEeEAt https://this.cm/

Great blog post from @jimgroom on using @withknown in the classroom, , and . http://erinjo.me/1rdPeqj

Hey - @benwerd is in town today. If you want to chat more about @withknown or , ping us!

cc @benwerd RT @brennannovak: @erinjo definitely some interesting possibilities there. Perhaps the Social Messaging format @HerraBRE @aaronpk and I cooked up for archiving conversations in an email friendly format would work for data storage / transmission. Might be worth hashing out more in the "Follow" page on the wiki

+1000 RT @vrypan: @withknown is a publishing platform for everyone. It's part of the movement. Definitely worth giving a try.

Thanks for showing us Cimba! It was great to discuss and Known.

Last thought of the night courtesy of @identitywoman - We're not a science experiment any more.

Crowd funding for Indie Box personal data server is live https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indie-box-let-s-bring-our-data-home

@jkphl For what it's worth, I agree, and I hope you don't stop pursuing your own projects.

"Designing for freedom" - mentioning @brennannovak @aral and http://gigaom.com/2014/02/27/designing-for-freedom-meet-the-people-putting-user-experience-at-the-heart-of-online-privacy/

Did anyone take notes / write up a summary of @aral talking about experience design?

Sorry to be missing @dConstruct and UK. Next year!