All lined up and ready to do some brainstorming tomorrow. #designthinking #ux #stickynotes #timetimer

I wrote about how we kicked off our latest product sprint with a prospective review.

What are your favorite tools/resources/articles for DIY user research and quick and easy usability testing? I'm compiling some lists.

UXers: What are your favorite resources on the social psychology and identity of groups, tribes, and communities?

Who else is going to Extreme by Design tonight? @kqed is holding a film event on design thinking and empathy.

What do you love about left side menus in responsive sites? What do you hate about them?

Addresses come in all shapes and sizes. Help your customers out and remove ambiguity. Don't leave confusion between State and Street. #ux

Shipping form as seen on the Plated checkout.

If you could learn one thing about user experience, what would it be?

A nice breakdown of ways to do feature prioritization from @uxmatters